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Grassroots for registering all changes in your flock

Useful Links & Websites


Ryeland Flock Book Society Ltd -


145 Day Sheep Gestation Table & Calendar -

Most Ryelands carry their lambs for 145 – 152 days, but they can lamb between 140 & 158 days without problems

Showing Rules & Guidelines (courtesy of Hereford & Marches Region) - 

Members Area:

We are creating a range of resources for our Members. To date, this includes a full-length 'How To' video of Trimming for Show Preparation or Sale (short intro here), a list of services and a guide to lamb cuts.

Join us to gain access to these.

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If you are a member of the Ryeland Flockbook Society you can request access by completing the form below:

Thank you for your inquiry, we will be in touch shortly!

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