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Below is a list of shows & events that are scheduled for 2023.  If you know of any more in our area that you feel need including, please let us know!

North Wales and Mercia Annual Lamb Show 2023 Schedule and Entry Forms Download Below
Lamb Show 2023
Lamb Show 2023
Entry Forms

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The Shropshire County Show

27th May 2023

Royal Cheshire County Show 

20th & 21st June 2023

Royal Lancs

21st - 23rd July 2023

Tenbury Countryside Show

5th August 2023

Ashbourne Agricultural Show

19th August 2023

Staffordshire County Show

31st May & 1st June 2023

Derbyshire County Show

Sunday 25th June 2023

Nantwich county Show

26th July 2023

Anglesey Agricultural Show

August 15th & 16th 2023

English Winter Fair

18th & 19th November 2023

Royal Three Counties Show

16th - 18th June 2023

Newport Show

8th July 2023

Burwarton Show

3rd August 2023

Denbigh & Flintshire Show

17th August 2023

And once again we're pleased to announce
The Prestigious North Wales & Mercia 5th Annual Lamb Show 2023

18th & 19th November 2023

Other "Sheepy" dates for your diary

Buxton Wool Gathering

11th & 12th March 2023

Bakewell Wool Gathering

October 2023 TBA

Wonderwool Wales

22nd & 23rd April 2023

NSA Welsh Sheep

16th May 2023

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