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Genius Sc3000 Sound Card Driver Downloadtrmds 2022




For windows xp and 7, check this link The present invention relates to the field of information security, and more specifically, to the field of protection of an information subject to alteration from the unauthorized or fraudulent transformation thereof. In the field of information processing, it is often necessary to store certain information, such as documents, image data, financial records, etc. in unalterable form, that is, such that the information cannot be modified without resulting in the modification of the data and therefore the alteration of the stored information. This type of information can be stored in particular in a tamperproof format, that is to say, so as to make the alteration of the information and the data impossible. This type of information is therefore generally confidential and should be protected from improper or fraudulent access. Furthermore, once the data has been stored, it is often necessary to provide information relating to the data in a tamperproof way, that is to say, to associate the information to the data in such a way that the fraudulent or unauthorized manipulation of this information results in an alteration of the data and therefore of the information. The alteration of the data or of the information can therefore result in the loss of the information and thus the fact of having been able to obtain confidential information or having stored an unalterable information in an unalterable form is then in danger of being revealed. To this end, there is a known method of protecting the data and/or information, which comprises: encrypting the data and/or information prior to storage; and providing an identity and/or a password to access the data and/or information. This method is used in particular for storing or transmitting information which is confidential and whose unalterability is essential. However, the method described above has a number of drawbacks, in particular a high level of computation and therefore requiring a considerable calculation time, which makes this method unsuitable for the protection of large amounts of information. The problem of information security is known. As described above, in certain information processing systems, it is necessary to protect data and/or information from unauthorized or fraudulent modification. Furthermore, it is necessary to provide an identity and/or a password to access data and/or information and to provide an identity and/or a password to change data and/or information. The method described above is also not suitable for protecting





Genius Sc3000 Sound Card Driver Downloadtrmds 2022

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