Sue Chapman - Secretary

Bob Chapman - Committee Member

In 2014 we moved to our new ‘retirement’ home near Ashbourne in Derbyshire, after 40 years working in small animal practice. We decided to start a Ryeland flock as we needed something to eat the grass on our smallholding.

To start our ‘Appletree’ flock we purchased good quality breeding stock and had our first season lambing in 2017. Our flock certainly keeps us busy and we love caring for our sheep & meeting other similarly ‘sheepcentric’ people. Our main aim is to produce good quality healthy stock to a very high welfare standard – they are certainly not a commercial flock!

We have attended local shows and come away with plenty of rosettes, but we are not of a competitive enough nature to show regularly. We have reached our desired flock size so we now offer ewe lambs & shearlings for sale. Any exceptional tups are kept to use or sell and we enjoy the fantastic meat our lambs produce, and also using the wool to spin and craft.


Phone 01622 84319